What we’re snacking on: RICE POPS!

Ever believe that snacks are tastier whenever they belonged to someone else? I do. Perhaps the joy of successful mooching enhances the flavor, or maybe because some snacks are best enjoyed when shared.

Apparently I do make an exception.

Introducing, Tubu’s Rice Pops!

Ever since B introduced these rice pops to me, I’d hog my stash from him. Or I’d watch him closely and check if he’s getting more than his share. Hahahaha.

I’m not really into chocolate flavored snacks, so I go for the caramel and cheese. B says they’re healthy alternatives to potato chips. The site does say its gluten-free, baked, 0g trans fat & cholesterol, and fortified with Vitamin A and Iodine.

Err. I’m just happy I have them in my hand :)

And oh – great news: You can order these online and they’d deliver these to you in 7 days (if you can wait that long). Happy snacking! :)

Product image via Tubu Foods