Happiness is…

Hiyee! :)

October’s flying by so quickly, but I had to drop by and share with you even just a smattering of my month’s joys.

HAPPINESS IS… My mom getting well;

My family and I are so grateful to all of you who’ve prayed with us, visited, offered help during that crazy week (like bringing over alternative medicine like that Tauataua drink shown above).

We’re touched that you continue to check up on her progress even after that ordeal. She’s very well, thanks. You may just bump into her at her favorite mall ;)

Ilocos empanada from Empanada Nation

HAPPINESS IS … Trying out something new with B;

I know we both should be worried about our diets, especially since the wedding’s slowly creeping up. But this one’s the bomb!

* And if you’re still concerned: thanks. I had oatmeal and fruit the next day ;)

HAPPINESS IS… Sharing my love for arts+crafts;

Since her mom wanted a fun, yet unusual, art activity for her child’s guests, I was tapped to prepare the materials and activities for my first (and my sweetest!) student’s birthday party.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to join the party (as I was at the hospital attending to my mom), but I did have a kick out of preparing for Hannah and her friends!

Thanks Bo-peep for letting me be part of Hannah’s big day! I’m glad they enjoyed :)

HAPPINESS IS… Getting things done;

We’ve finally booked our wedding coordinator! She’s none other than Kutchie Zaldarriaga of Getting Married.

Ever since our first SMS exchange, Kutchie’s been courteous, direct and incredibly professional. I’m so glad that she’s free to cover our wedding day! And what sold me to her and her team was that B left that meeting feeling incredibly secure and confident that we’d be in good hands.

But boy, talk about homework! I doubt you’d be able to see it from the photo, but that’s one thick workbook she wants us to work on! 8-)

YEES! Giving in's sooo sweet!

…. and lastly, HAPPINESS IS… Giving in!

I’ve done it! I’ve held it off for too long! I’ve signed up for Pugly Pixel’s Premium Membership. Here’s to “Blog stock,” tutorials and a lot more! I can’t wait for the January classes to start! Hopefully you’d see the improvements on this site real soon :)

So what are your little joys for this month, my friend? Do share! :)

Lotsa hugs, P.

Psst. Want to try Empanada Nation? You’ll find it at Scout Tuazon corner Roces Avenue, Quezon City :)

And oh, thanks Paperglitter and to your gorgeous Etsy printables site that added to Hannah and friends’ fun! :)