BOO! Happy Halloween, folks!

Here’s a thought. What if my head sported this on ze wedding day?

Photos taken by B immediately after my free hair+makeup trial session at a bridal fair:

OK, minus my unhappy, tired-looking face, the front seemed fine. But then, I got nervous when B showed me these!

OK. Maybe this would work for other more gorgeous brides, but this look didn’t fit what I had in mind. My hair was so stiff for the rest of that day, B (who did his sweetest, darnest to make me feel better) couldn’t tell whether or not I was laughing at his jokes. My hair was so pulled back with pins and spray my face stayed in place.

And yes. To be fair to the many folks that worked on me that day, it didn’t go unnoticed that they did try their best to tame my short and beastly hair ;-)

Oh well. It took two decent washings, but my hair and my bobby-pinned ego are back to fine. I hope these fellas are too :)

Here’s to a weekend of crazy and spooky adventures, folks! Happy Halloween weekend from B and me!

– P.