We’re craving for: Ji Guang Delicious Fried Chicken

Hey old friend!

How’s your mid-week going? :)

Us? Today B and I are on a fast. We’re abstaining today from our favorite fried food. B’s taking this day pretty well. But I’m not.

I’m hungry and cranky. Hopefully this post would help me channel my food frustration and stop me from caving in :) OK. Here goes:

We’re huuuge fans of the 4 Fingers Bonchon Crispy Chicken (we tried the one at Ion Orchard SG), and maybe someday B and I could try Chicken Charlie here in Manila.

But right now, I’m craving for Ji Guang Delicious Fried Chicken. Ching and Christy, my former classmates and our tour guides that night, were absolutely right to insist that we try this chicken out.*

Ching-Tzu: "We know our fried chicken." Minutes later I find out that Ching's so right.

I must tell you though, while Ching and Christy were busy queuing for their order (the stall had an amazingly long line of folks patiently waiting to be served), B and I were quite stuffed with previous street food that we didn’t think our stomachs would be able to take in more food.

Here’s what we looked like sampling soup, dimsum and other treats earlier that night:

Enjoying our soup along the street

Christy and Xiao Long Bao

Spicy and tendon-y :)

And here’s B, resting on a nearby makeshift bench and hiding his tired, stuffed face, while Ching and Christy were in line at the Ji Guang DF Chicken stall.

Interestingly enough, the other customers waiting also wanted to take a picture of what was cooking.

Is that grease or steam streaks on the window?

I have no other photo of the chicken bag after this shot. I was too busy fighting with B so I could have more chicken :P The crust was crispy, tasty and spicy, with the inside piping hot and tender.

And in case you don’t believe me about how yummy it was, here’s a link from another happy customer:

Photo via the Sassy Urbanite

Ugh. I can feel my tummy grumbling.

If you’re in Manila, go ahead and eat for me please. Try Yenyen in Gilmore Ave. for some yummy, cheap and greasy Taiwanese fast food.

Still hungry, but hanging in there ;)

– P.

* The Ji Guang Delicious Fried Chicken we tried: Near the Ximen Station, Ximending, Taipei.

Thanks Christy and Ching-Tzu. Fiona, I'll see you next time!


Thanks girls for fattening us up and giving us a wonderful night! We miss you!