Sweet Mid-Week

Hi there.

I’m not in a chatty mood. Too many things in my head at the moment.

My head’s constantly listing stuff I’ve to do and places I’d rather be in.

I’m thinking about friends I dearly miss and people I’d rather do without.

Comes with the territory, I guess. The last two weeks of November always forces me to go into a period of reckoning, as by next month, I’ll be celebrating my birthday ;)

All in all, the year’s been sweet. God’s been good. Looking at my checklist – I don’t have everything I’ve hoped or planned for, but I sure am blessed to have more than I need.

May your week / month / year be capped with all things sweet too,

– P.

P.S. Sharing with you photos from an after-dinner date night with B at Sonja’s Cupcakes, Serendra. Cream cheese frosting rocks :)