P and B tie the knot: 9 months to go!

Hi there!

How’ve you been? I hope the holiday spirit’s been getting to ya :) I know, I know, it’s been a while since I last posted, and it’s been longer still since I last shared of anything P&B wedding-related.

I’ve got exactly 9 months to go until I marry B; I’m anxious and extremely excited about how the next few months would go.

You see, since our engagement: between B and me (okay, mostly me), we’ve had our mini-fights and freak-outs, cried buckets and found ourselves praying (quite often actually) like tomorrow would never come.

And all throughout our relationship: I remain in awe knowing B is just as committed as I am in making things work; we’re so grateful being recipients of countless blessings (sought, yet often undeserved) that come in truly perfect timing and in the funniest of wrapping; and, I’m still giddy whenever I remind myself that in a few winks I’ll be carrying the surname of the man I’ve wished for all my life :)

… I promise to post less cheese soon ;)

Happy weekend, folks!

– P.

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