My wedding planning resolution

Hooray for the new year! Cheers to us!

Pardon the crazy hair and holding up a non-bubbly, but hey, I loved my first meeting with pastis.


Over the holidays, apart from all the partying and coffee meet-ups, friends’ weddings and trying to get some sleep, I’ve been quite fortunate to be a contributor for one bridal site I’ve long been a fan of, The last three weeks have been incredibly crazy deadline-wise, but I must say it’s been so much fun to work with such a cheerful (I swear, hardly a time I don’t see them smiling), hardworking and passionate team. Hopefully I’d still be of use to them these coming months ;) Anyway, my articles may be found here.

While working for BridalBook, I also decided to put a hold on the wedding preparations so I may not fall into the trap of wedding envy, and think of more (read: expensive) things to put into ours.

So now that B and I around 9 or so months to go, it’s time to get cracking again at those plans we’ve been working on. Over the next few months I may finally succumb to temptation, but I truly resolve to abide by this wonderful bride’s advice over at Snippet and Ink.

Let’s just wait and see ;)

Have a wonderful year, dear friends.