B’s first post! The Climb: 2011

B’s been wanting to post this for quite some time now, and I’m so happy to finally share this with you. Looking forward to having you more often here, B :) – P.

Poppy has been doing an amazing job chronicling all the stuff we’ve been going through since our engagement, so I’ve been content enjoying her entries and letting the world know all about ’em :) In the spirit of partnership, I thought of contributing a few things myself, with your indulgence dear reader. If I can be half as witty and funny as Poppy, maybe I can do this regularly (uhm, once a month?) enough, eh?

On the end of the day of January 1, 2011, I just took a deep breath, rested a bit…and checked my Facebook :) I had just gone through ticking off last year’s resolutions with Poppy and seeing people’s statuses prompted me to write a little bit of my own:

“[B is] bracing for the next 364 days of 2011. Lord, make me be worthy of the challenges, blessings and graces laid out for me :) Cheers, all!”

It’s true that we have so many things to be thankful for during 2010 but not quite a few times did I feel that some things were lacking. Having looked back at the past year and with an eye towards the future, I know that I’ve made a bit of the climb already but I have goals to pursue and things I want to achieve.

Just like my trusty Key Pete, hoping to hang in there and achieve them all. Hoping to tell you a bit more about these as the year progresses :) Lucky to have Poppy beside me all throughout and the Lord to be with us every step of the way.

Al centro!
Pa dentro!

2011 baby!