Vintage-inspired wedding

B and I had the chance to witness a lovely vintage-inspired wedding late last year.

B was the Best Man for this wedding. We got to church pretty early (mainly because B forgot to bring Groom to church, hahaha, sorry about that Groom) and played with Lenny our trusty camera.

It had all the elements I would like to have in our wedding, from the church’s uncluttered look to the reception’s charming and warm decor.

I think I let out a little squeal when I saw the luggage tags (used as place cards and doubled as souvenirs) then looked up to see the unique, hand-cut bunting.

It was also refreshing to see the newlyweds so relaxed. After dinner (oh, glorious dinner!), B and I once again had time to play with Lenny.

But beyond the decor, what I remember the most was seeing how much these two truly care for each other. So, so sweet.

Mr. and Mrs. G, have a wonderful, blessed life. Thanks for allowing us to be part of your lovely wedding.

Wish I could share with you more pictures, but the bride and groom are rather shy. Hope you’ve been having a great week so far!

– P.

UPDATE: I made a Will-You-Be card, inspired by this wedding. Hop over to this page to see what I did. Hope you like it.