Blessings and Le Bistro Vert

Hi everyone!

How’ve you been? I’ve been long wanting to sit down and write, but the last few weeks have kept me away from my delightful yet aging laptop :)

So here’s what we’ve been up to: apart from searching high and low for wedding suppliers, B and I also began our marriage preparation talks with our celebrant (our community’s spiritual director). In our first session, we were asked about what attracted us to, and what we valued the most in each other… I remember B and I talking for a few hours after that session just trying to piece our story together, and we ended up crying (admit it, B), laughing, hugging and praying. Our relationship’s far from perfect, but in recounting how we came to be, we found ourselves in awe about how everything fell into place :)

At times, even our feet think alike.

We’re also lucky to be part of a learning community that has allowed us to discover and hone our skills as future life coaches. We’ve definitely been growing these past eight weeks in identifying our own strengths and beliefs, reaffirming our life’s goals, and taking small, but real steps towards achieving them. To Susan, Hedda and Kitty, we thank you for being our companions in this journey! You gals are truly heaven-sent! :)

Anyway, another blessing is that B and I were able to have a lovely, quiet date a few winks ago. Not far from where I do consulting work, is a restaurant that prides itself with the use of local ingredients and serving yummy, sustainable food. I’m sure there have been many reviews about Le Bistro Vert out there, so I’ll just express our joy and contented tummies through the pictures we took that evening:

French-cut chop :)

Hope you had a wonderful and blessed weekend!

– P.

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