Happy birthday, Jai! / Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

Hello, dear friends!

It’s my nephew’s birthday today. Haven’t seen him for some two weeks now; I’m missing his hugs. Hope to see you soon, Jaime! We’ll play soon :) And if you’re not in the mood for me — well, Tito B’s sprained ankle is well already! So Tito can lift you up again and again, and you can pretend once more you’re a plane. Or whatever you think about when you’re up there.

In other news, I just got back from a truly interesting city! Let me share with you a few photos from my recent trip to Beijing (this also serves as my contribution to WP’s photo challenge this week):

At the Forbidden City

At Legendale Hotel:

At the Great Wall of China (Mutianyu):

At the Olympic Village:

It was my first time to see Beijing / Great Wall, and my last trip (as a single gal) with my parents. I’ve had so much fun touring, eating and shopping with my folks’ friends and family. To mom and dad: THANK YOU! XIE XIE! :) To the rest of the Beijing group: See you at our reunion. Can’t wait to plan our next trip!

Hope you’re having a meaningful Earth Day / Easter weekend,
– P.