Happy 1st, BridalBook.ph :)

Hi everyone!

How’ve you been? Splendid, I hope :)

Today I’m taking a break from all the wedding preps (though I know that B & I’ve got less than 4 months to go, eep), and share with you an incredibly fun day.

Bridalbook.ph, an online resource for the Pinay bride, recently turned 1. And to celebrate, they invited suppliers, engaged couples, and other Bridalbook friends to a tree-planting / picnic at the La Mesa Eco Park. I knew I was in for a great time once I saw their invite:

I thought the handmade blue sheet that was on top of the invite was mere decoration, only until I (accidentally) flipped the sheet did I know that it had another purpose!

Handmade paper + tomato seeds that I could plant? Cool!

So the day finally came and I was ready to do my share and plant a tree. While I came ready to rough it (that is, I hardly thought of the day’s outfit), the ladies of BBook came in pretty, sunny dresses! I was so envious! Good things I didn’t forget my ginormous shades. Lol. 8-P

The ladies at BridalBook thought of everything. We had a welcome drink, a fan, bottled water… And we had all of these even before we started planting! :P I won’t bore you with the other details, but do let me share how impressed I was with all the thought and care that was put into every activity we had that day.

After the super-quick tree planting (or rather, potting), B was able to join us for lunch, and boy, were we in for a treat! K by Cunanan Catering never fails. Just look at what greeted us at one of the park’s pavilions!

(Ahem. Isn’t B a cutie? :)

If picnics were always like this, I’d eat outdoors everyday. I was too lazy to take photos of what we ate, since I was all too happy to indulge. We also had music. We had macarons (yum!) and prizes. We had laughter and loads of sunshine.

I was also able to meet a fellow BridalBook contributor and W@W sis, Jenifel. Jenifel, it was so great to finally see you in the flesh! Thanks for the company and let’s do coffee soon, yes? :)

'Til soon, girl!

Again, happy birthday, Bridalbook :) Thanks for having me and B!

(Photo courtesy of BridalBook/MyPhotato)

Happy mid-week, everyone :) And remember: Let love grow! ;-)

– P.

Hug a tree. Plant one too. If you’d like to do know more about La Mesa Ecopark, click here.

Souvenir photos courtesy of Poof Photobooth.


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