Our Pre-Prenup: Ocular at Pinto Art Museum

Hi old friend, how’ve you been? :)

These past few days I’ve just been getting a headache with all these last minute wedding preparation activities… Well OK, not necessarily “last minute,” but I did hope I’d be working on a shorter ‘to-do’ list by now. So I’m stuck at home trying to nurse this migraine :( Before I continue with my rant, let me tell you my little story.

Initially I didn’t want a prenup photo session, as I thought it was just too frivolous and expensive. But after married friends encouraging me to have one (for reasons I’ve yet to understand, maybe in three months I’ll figure those out), I figured something “simple” wouldn’t be so bad.

At first we thought of holding it in Batangas (at a friend’s farm), or in Pampanga (at my uncle’s farm), or even in my village playground :P Since April though, there’s this one place that caught B’s eye (at least on the ‘net), and he’s been wanting to take me there for a look-see.

Since B and I had plenty of time to spare after the BridalBook soiree, B finally convinced me to check this venue out. And boy, the road trip was definitely worth it.

Here are photos we took from our visit to the Pinto Art Museum and the Silangan Gardens. Part colonial Spanish, part Mediterranean, proudly Filipino ;-) B and I knew this was love at first sight:

Pretty, no?

Thank goodness this place was finally opened to the public! Pinto (Tagalog for “door”) is open everday, save for Mondays. The folks too at Pinto are friendly and very helpful. Look for the museum curator, Mr. Jim Orencio, or if he’s not around, seek the assistance of Mr. Andy Orencio.

If you do get to visit this place – I suggest that you take time to go around the open galleries, ask first if it’s alright to take photos inside the galleries (as I’m not clear with the rules on that one), bring comfy shoes as there’s a lot of room to romp, and bring extra cash and go treat yourself to a fruit shake or organic iced tea at the cafe (I got a soy latte, and liked it).

I’ll post our actual prenup photos reeeal soon :)

Until then – Stay happy, everyone! Stay migraine-free too!

– P.

Photos taken by Patchi Layug/JV Garcia, blog bling courtesy of the Pugly Pixel

And oh, if you’d like to visit Pinto Art Museum, rates are as follows (as of May 2011 and in Philippine Peso):

Entrance Fee: 100 (Student? It’s only 50 for you. Senior Citizen? 80.)

Pre-nuptial Shoot

  • Upper Garden (maximum of 5 persons): 2,500
  • Upper and Lower Gardens (maximum of 5 persons): 5,000

Note that you’ll be charged 250 per head in excess of 5 persons.

Wedding receptions and other events are also welcome. For bookings and inquiries, contact (632) 697-1015 or email pintoartmuseum [at] yahoo [dot] com.