Coming soon: Our Prenup at Pinto Art Museum

Hello, old friend!

How’ve you been?

According to my little countdown counter, I’ve a little over than 40 days to go til our wedding! I’m hardly the frail and sickly type, but lately — staying healthy has been quite a challenge for me (I had the flu, had vertigo and a bad cough that is so difficult to get rid of, and now I’m being treated for my acute sinusitis and my mysterious allergy), so I’ve been trying to lie low on a lot of activities.

But! Like I said: How I’ve missed you! :)

So here I am, dropping off a note.

We’ve gotten our copies of our prenup photo session at the Pinto Art Museum (view my post on our ocular inspection here), and we’re so excited to share these with you later this week!

It was a tiring day, but time well spent! Thanks folks for all the help!

Come back soon, please! Hopefully by then I’ll be in a better state (health-wise)!

All the best,

– P.

Photo courtesy of Ralph Alejandrino. Prenup styling by Ruffles and Bells.