(Finally!) Our Prenup at Pinto Art Museum

It was raining for days. While we’ve long scheduled our prenup session at Pinto this with our photographer, Ralph Alejandrino, our stylist, Eliska, et al of Ruffles and Bells, as well as with HMUA Gio Flores, B and I were worried that the weather wouldn’t cooperate. We decided to push through with the shoot anyway.

Whatever it takes, B :)

And… Boy, oh boy! Were we blessed with beautiful weather!

The sun was shining so brightly that at some point we couldn’t stop squinting that we really had to wear shades :)

Isn't B a cutie with his shades on?

B and I got a good tan afterwards and the skies even waited for us to get home before showering us with rain. Whew! Thank God!

While this was the first time we met Ralph (as well as his first time at Pinto), he immediately put us at ease. He did have a vision of how the shoot would look (and he was very particular about our poses and facial expressions), however he was also very patient whenever we’d fool around and pose for a friend who joined the shoot as well.

Ralph took a lot of photos of us playing.

I initially wanted a vintage-themed outdoor shoot. After seeing these photos though, I realize there really wasn’t any story to follow for this particular prenup session. That being said, I think the photos do reflect how B and I are as a couple :)

B and I spent some late nights just preparing our props, and Eliska and her team (Jessica and Dennis) made sure that these were integrated into the scenes that Ralph wanted. Apart from bringing their own set of props just for this session, they followed us around fanning us like crazy and handing us water in between shots. Thanks guys for making us feel like stars!

OK, enough with the narrative, there are more of the pictures after the jump. I hope you enjoy our photos!


Have a wonderful week ahead :)

– P & B

Photographs courtesy of Ralph Alejandrino Photography.

Engagement shoot styling by Ruffles and Bells.

Hair and Makeup by Gio Flores.

Prenup session held at Pinto Art Museum.

Aqua and cream dress c/o dear friend Vero (PM me for rates!).

Good times provided by Dinno and everyone else who were there.


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  2. thanks for the reply in my inquiry in W@W. I am hoping na sana after your wedding you can give me feedback especially sa on site video ni ralph.

    by the way how much did it cost you to have ruffles and bells? im planning kasi to hire din a stylist for the pre-nup…. thanks so much.

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