On Pinterest

Hello dear!

Lately I find more and more friends joining Pinterest. Are you one of them? :)

Back when I was planning for our wedding, I found Pinterest even more useful for me than Evernote (another reliable app for today’s bride) — Mainly because I needed pegs more than I needed the notes, and pinning on Pinterest actually helped me edit my ideas (because I didn’t want to wantonly pin everything I liked onto my board). Since then, my boards have expanded to my ideas for our home, my food cravings, for future little B, and whatever else floats my boat.

While some might say Pinterest is largely a woman’s domain, I love it that B’s an avid pinner too – among his boards I particularly like his collection of infographs and home decor.

So are you on Pinterest? Please do share with me your boards, I’d love to take a look :)

Hope your week’s been going well!

– P.