April: What we’ve been up to.

Hi dears!

I’ve missed you. What have you been up to? :)

April’s been a busy month for me… Well, considering that my pregnant self usually spends my days asleep! Haha! Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to:

Reading up. Now that I’m on my 24th week (!!) of pregnancy, I’ve been trying to catch up on my reading. B bought me the “What to Expect” books as soon as I found out I was infanticipating, and every now and then, I’d pick up the Dr. Seuss-inspired book and read to Beanie.

(I love the preggy books, but B and I have joined a birthing class this month to find out more about what to expect… I know people say that once Beanie comes out, I’ll end up throwing 90% of what I’ve learned out the window, but – trying to know as much as I can now helps me cope with motherhood anxiety.)

Meeting up. I’ve also been blessed to have friends randomly seek me out for a quick bite in the area :) Apparently my (once dormant) sweet tooth only comes out when there’s good company and interesting conversation!

Freaking, as well as chilling, out. Our weekends have been rather quiet – masses on Sunday, the requisite trips to the grocery, dinners with family… I guess the only new thing that livens up our evenings is our addiction to Draw Something! Haha!

April hasn’t always been all fun, though. Just last week I was rushed to the hospital as I found myself bleeding (Beanie’s fine, I’m the one who was sick).

It was a scary experience, but I’m so proud that B took everything in so calmly. I don’t think I would’ve stopped freaking out if B wasn’t steady.

Thanks, B. Happy 7th months of wedded bliss, too.

(Credit goes to our friend Ann, for drawing B and me.)

Like I said, you’ve been missed :) Hope you’re having a wonderful April, everyone!

– P.