Two weeks ago

On August 2, 2012 at 3:26 a.m., a little angel came into our lives.

To you, our dear friends, we proudly present to you our Beanie: Azuki :)

The first photo I took once she roomed in with me at the hospital.

B and I can’t believe you’re finally here, Azuki… I just knew our pet name would suit you, especially when you’d start crying and go beet-red when hungry. ;-)

More to come, folks. ‘Til soon.

– P.


2 thoughts on “Two weeks ago

  1. Congratulations Patchi and JV!! :) so cute baby! How was your delivery Patch?
    Wait, is Azuki her real name or just Japanese version of your pet name for her? :) (blush. It’s only now that I learned Azuki means Japanese sweet red beans. ^_^)

    • Thanks a lot, Marjorie! So sorry I wasn’t able to reply to your email… It’s been a busy third trimester leading up to Azuki’s birth!

      Delivery was… not quite what I expected. Haha. Will tell you more about it soon :)

      Azuki’s her nickname (well, at least to me and B)… And yes, our baby’s awfully sweet, and can really turn red when frustrated or hungry.

      How’s your little one doing? Hope she hasn’t given you too much trouble… yet ;)

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