It’s Ruffles and Bells’ Save The Date!

Hello dears!

B and I are just terribly happy to see how our prenup stylist (plus early on in our wedding, our pseudo-wedding planner) is coming along with her very own wedding!

Eliska of Ruffles and Bells shares with all of us her and H2B’s save-the-date!

We’re pretty sure it’s going to be a lovely wedding! Don’t you agree? :)

She even shares how this was made, so go to her site now and see how this was done!

Hope you’re doing great, everyone! From where I am, the weather’s insane!

– P.


Awww, thanks Eliska!

I should be heading off to bed, but I just had to post!

Look what I found today!

Our prenup stylist team from Ruffles and Bells, featured us in today’s post. Yay! You may read the post here.

I just had to post this because — Eliska just gave me and B a wonderful monthsary gift (we’re 33 months old today!). All the best to you three and to Ruffles and Bells!

Big hugs from me and B :)

Photo courtesy of Ralph Alejandrino

Happy Valentine’s Weekend!

Free VDay E-Cards and link love :) Read on.

Happy Valentine’s Weekend, everyone!

I’ve a feeling B’s cooking up something special (well if he isn’t, this post will let him know I’m expecting one!) so I hope your weekend would have its share of pleasant surprises too.

Speaking of surprises, here are some free Happy Valentine’s e-cards that I’ve made for you to download, personalize and send to your loved ones. (Click on the card for its full size, then save a copy of an image to your computer.)

1. Wear it on your sleeve.

This card was inspired by the Fun Kids Craft post on Poppytalk.

2. Buttons and bokeh

3. Paris postcard

Vintage images from The Graphics Fairy.

Obviously these cards don’t make any cohesive e-card ‘collection,’ but please let me know how you like them, OK? :)

And, in case you’d like to know where else I’m at, here are a few sites that have kept me in front of my computer longer than I should:

1. Utterly Engaged.

UE is the “first online wedding magazine for everyday brides with style looking for unique inspiration and resources for their wedding.” Their 14th issue is out, and after this post, I’m going back to the site to leaf through the pages once again!

2. Paper Crave. I’m addicted to paper. This site worsens it.

3. Pinterest.

I first joined Pinterest to supplement my initial inspiration board, but now Pinterest is my quick fix for all online things pretty, funny, adorable and worthwhile. You can view my boards (warning: scant collections I know, but am working on it) here.

And for B: Here’s what I’m craving for this weekend. Hint, hint. Nudge, nudge.

Salted Caramel Crepe from La Creperie

Thanks for dropping by. Have a wonderful weekend, and see you next week!


La Creperie (Manila) may be found at the Eastwood City Mall and at Shangri-la Plaza Mall.

Little girl graphic from The Graphics Fairy, cabochons embellishment from PuglyPixel.

We’re craving for: Ji Guang Delicious Fried Chicken

Hey old friend!

How’s your mid-week going? :)

Us? Today B and I are on a fast. We’re abstaining today from our favorite fried food. B’s taking this day pretty well. But I’m not.

I’m hungry and cranky. Hopefully this post would help me channel my food frustration and stop me from caving in :) OK. Here goes:

We’re huuuge fans of the 4 Fingers Bonchon Crispy Chicken (we tried the one at Ion Orchard SG), and maybe someday B and I could try Chicken Charlie here in Manila.

But right now, I’m craving for Ji Guang Delicious Fried Chicken. Ching and Christy, my former classmates and our tour guides that night, were absolutely right to insist that we try this chicken out.*

Ching-Tzu: "We know our fried chicken." Minutes later I find out that Ching's so right.

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Happiness is…

Hiyee! :)

October’s flying by so quickly, but I had to drop by and share with you even just a smattering of my month’s joys.

HAPPINESS IS… My mom getting well;

My family and I are so grateful to all of you who’ve prayed with us, visited, offered help during that crazy week (like bringing over alternative medicine like that Tauataua drink shown above).

We’re touched that you continue to check up on her progress even after that ordeal. She’s very well, thanks. You may just bump into her at her favorite mall ;)

Ilocos empanada from Empanada Nation

HAPPINESS IS … Trying out something new with B;

I know we both should be worried about our diets, especially since the wedding’s slowly creeping up. But this one’s the bomb!

* And if you’re still concerned: thanks. I had oatmeal and fruit the next day ;)

HAPPINESS IS… Sharing my love for arts+crafts;

Since her mom wanted a fun, yet unusual, art activity for her child’s guests, I was tapped to prepare the materials and activities for my first (and my sweetest!) student’s birthday party.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to join the party (as I was at the hospital attending to my mom), but I did have a kick out of preparing for Hannah and her friends!

Thanks Bo-peep for letting me be part of Hannah’s big day! I’m glad they enjoyed :)

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B distracts me with dinner (and it worked)

Hey there!

Oh how’ve ya been? I missed you!

Here, lemme give you a hug :)


There. Got that?


I’m awfully sorry for the cyber silence. I’ve been really unlucky lately (ok, unlucky a lot) with my internet connection at home.

So last weekend, while waiting for our broadband provider to actually provide, B took me out for dinner and some retail therapy.

We first checked out the newly opened Muji store here in Manila. I wasn’t planning on spending much; we were just after the chocolate-peanut clusters, only to find that the store didn’t carry them yet. So I found myself picking up some shirts, stationery and grabbing their sweet-smelling hand lotion.

Muji had a long queue that night, but I spent the time instead befriending the guy behind me and asking him about what he got  :) When it was my turn at the cashier, I was surprised to learn that my bill was more than what I expected. After settling my purchase, I went through my receipt and lo, I realized I spent a fortune on THE sweet-smelling hand lotion!

I thought the lotion’s price read PHP55 when I grabbed it off the shelf, but instead it was PHP595. (?!?!) Doh! Stupid, stupid me!

And so before I succumbed to buyer’s remorse, B treated me and my bourgeois mandarin&lemon-scented hands to a wonderful Vietnamese dinner at Zao.

What we had: Spicy Lemongrass Tofu, Salt + Pepper Calamari, and Cahn Chua (sweet, sour and spicy tamarind soup – we got Mekong fish instead of shrimp)

To B: Many, many thanks for the lovely dinner treat. You know, keeping me warm and holding my hand all evening were more than enough to distract silly me from my crazy purchases.

Well, OK. I’m not being totally honest. While you were at the loo I had time to test the marker I got that night.  Heehee.

And now back to you, dear friends: Like I said earlier, I’ve missed you. I hope all’s well with you. Hopefully I’d get to post more often. Hopefully my internet connection will finally remain up to snuff… And should you need a crazy shopping bud at Muji, do let me know – I’m coming back for the markers that guy had in his basket ;)

More hugs!

– P.

Muji skin care photo via Shopping Finds

What we’re stocking on: All natural, anti-mosquito repellant

After my mom being seriously stricken last week with dengue fever (she’s well now, thank God), B and I are re-stocking on all natural anti-mosquito repellant.

Never mind if we smell like lemons or like we just had a massage. If we’re going to constantly apply something on our skin and stay dengue-free, I’d rather that that what we apply be chemical-free :)

Here’s our current favorite:

GIGA Ventures’ Natural Insect Repellant Sprays. Photo via GIGA Ventures.

Though if someone out there can tell me where we’d be able to find this product in retail, I’d like to give it a try.

Stay healthy, everyone! :)