Happiness is…

Hiyee! :)

October’s flying by so quickly, but I had to drop by and share with you even just a smattering of my month’s joys.

HAPPINESS IS… My mom getting well;

My family and I are so grateful to all of you who’ve prayed with us, visited, offered help during that crazy week (like bringing over alternative medicine like that Tauataua drink shown above).

We’re touched that you continue to check up on her progress even after that ordeal. She’s very well, thanks. You may just bump into her at her favorite mall ;)

Ilocos empanada from Empanada Nation

HAPPINESS IS … Trying out something new with B;

I know we both should be worried about our diets, especially since the wedding’s slowly creeping up. But this one’s the bomb!

* And if you’re still concerned: thanks. I had oatmeal and fruit the next day ;)

HAPPINESS IS… Sharing my love for arts+crafts;

Since her mom wanted a fun, yet unusual, art activity for her child’s guests, I was tapped to prepare the materials and activities for my first (and my sweetest!) student’s birthday party.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to join the party (as I was at the hospital attending to my mom), but I did have a kick out of preparing for Hannah and her friends!

Thanks Bo-peep for letting me be part of Hannah’s big day! I’m glad they enjoyed :)

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Busy, busy September so far!

… AND WE’RE BACK! How we’ve missed you! :)

Somewhere in between his work and my doctor’s visits and physical therapy sessions, B and I have been busy with the following:

1. Giving in to my food cravings!

SHIOK. 01-05 Fort Forum Bldg., Bonifacio Stop Over, 31st and 2nd St, Bonifacio Global City. (L-R: Interiors, Iced milk tea, Char Kway Teow, Steamed Fish Fillet-Lunch portion)

It’s not the prettiest of places and air-conditioning seems to always be a problem, but it’s not called “shiok” (Singaporean slang for satisfying) for nothing. B and I have kept on coming back here for hawker fare, and I find myself asking time and again for their Char Kway Teow. Shiok’s service is fast, with relatively inexpensive food that keeps my belly happy.

ST. GERALD’S COFFEE SHOP. 2/F P & E Building 12 United Street Corner First St., Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig. (L-R: Baked macaroni, Taco + Egg mayo sandwich)

The first time I was here with B (some 2 years ago), I remember being floored. The piping-hot baked macaroni was oozing with beef and cheese, and I remember telling myself to come back someday for its tacos and sans rival. (I was too busy enjoying the food, I forgot to mind the pretty interiors.)

Well after one rehab session, B and I finally returned to this pretty coffee shop and we left disappointed. While the macaroni’s portions were just as I remembered it, I couldn’t find the overflowing beef and cheese. The beef wasn’t in B’s taco either, and while in the past those ‘executive meals’ would come with a slice of cake, this time it came with a cookie (to be fair, it was a good cookie, but B and I were expecting to have our cake). Pshaw. We left a bit hungry still, and I grabbed my coffee someplace else.

ANCIS’ CUISINE BY ALBERGUS. Gilmore Ave. cor N. Domingo, San Juan. (L-R: Squid Sisig, Puso ng Saging, Bangus Steak)

For a while now, B and I’ve noticed this little nook on our way home from work. We’d usually decide against trying it out, given the limited parking that area has and the horrible traffic we’d experience along Gilmore during rush hour.

So after heading home early one day, we finally got our chance. Ancis’ Cuisine serves inexpensive home-cooked Filipino dishes in solo (good for one) and buddy (good for B :) portions. Since its meals were designed for individuals and small families residing in the condo-packed vicinity, they’re packed in microwaveable dishes and nuked if one opted to dine-in.

B and I decided to take our orders home, and we were happiest with our bangus steaks. The squid sisig had lots of tofu (that’s not necessarily a bad thing in my opinion) and the squid was cooked just right (a really good thing). I was also surprised with their puso ng saging, since I’ve never had it with coconut milk before. Yum :) We look forward to trying out their other dishes. The best part? We found out that night that they deliver!

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Art project for Nathan’s 1st birthday

My godson Nathan just turned 1 and his parents, two of the best people in the world (my best friend and her hubby), are throwing him a big party this afternoon.

B and I got him a cuddly present, but yesterday I realized I don’t have a gift box or bag to put it in.

So I decided to give Nathan another gift by jazzing up a canvas tote that I was saving up for a special project.

My inspiration’s from the talented author-illustrator Polly Dunbar. (Someday when I grow up, I want to be just like her! :)

This particular illustration was part of a write-up on her from another favorite reference of mine.

So anyway, here are the materials I used: canvas tote, acrylic paints, masking tape (to help keep the bag stretched and in place), board (to prevent paint from bleeding to the other side of the bag).

First the rough sketch…

Then I started painting. I used the following colors: white, cobalt blue hue, cadmium yellow light, hooker’s green, cadmium orange, cadmium red light, alizarin crimson.

After outlining the painting with raw umber, it’s now dry and ready to put in our present! What do you think? :)

Happy birthday Nathan! May your days always be filled with wonder!

B’s Birthday Celebration at Cerchio

It was B’s birthday a few days ago, and he decided to try out this new resto in the vicinity.

Cerchio (tzehr-kyoh) has the same impressive interiors as its older sibling Romulo Cafe, and serves Asian-Med cuisine at budget-friendly prices.

I like Romulo’s interiors more (I find it a lot “friendlier,” and probably because it’s more feminine, haha), but I’ll probably choose Cerchio’s food over Romulo’s.

While not everything’s up to par with my expectations (I wasn’t impressed with their tuna salpicao [sauce was overpowering], and their oriental salad’s dressing didn’t have enough bite), there are some winners.

Must-try: Singaporean Crispy Squid Heads (think Cow Label in squid form) with their signature Cucumber drink, as well as their Panna Cotta :)

You may find out more about Cerchio here. Sorry I can’t post any pictures of the place and the food at the moment, B still has my camera (hint, hint, B).

Anyway, B – Happy birthday :) Thanks for taking me on this food trip!