What we’re snacking on: RICE POPS!

Ever believe that snacks are tastier whenever they belonged to someone else? I do. Perhaps the joy of successful mooching enhances the flavor, or maybe because some snacks are best enjoyed when shared.

Apparently I do make an exception.

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“-Ber” months are here! Hooray!


That means I’ve returned to my good doctors after weeks of rest and rehab for my knee, and they’ve ordered me to undergo another series of physical therapy – this time though, it’s so that I may begin walking again unsupported!

I'll be getting rid of these soon!


And to celebrate, B and I are going to treat ourselves to chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate!

Here’s a new favorite of ours – Singapore-based Chocolate Research Facility.

We were attracted to their store because of its minimalist and clever approach to their displays and packaging. I loved how some of their boxes resembled some tile designs we spotted at Ann Siang Hill.

And once we sampled their chocolates we knew we’d leave with a bagful!

The Chocolate Research Facility ‘s 100 flavors range from classic (such as dark, milk chocolate, sugar-free variants) to fruity (raisin, banana, mango), nutty (hazelnut, walnut, pecan) and exotic (azuki, sichuan pepper). We can’t wait to try them all!

For SGD 8 to 15, one gets a cleverly designed “soapbox” filled with 70 grams of joy. You can also check out their merchandise for chocoholics here.

So here’s to a great final quarter, folks! Here’s to our health and to the benefits celebrating with chocolate doth bring!