Our growing up / love story – in video!

Hi there!

We’re still in the middle of our (rainy) mini-‘moon. But while B’s asleep, I’m sneaking this in — our growing up + love story so amazingly done by the folks at ONCE Wedding Specialists. Hope you like it!

See you in a few days!

– P.

Prenup photos by Ralph Alejandrino


Poppy and B’s prenup in BridalBook

In case you missed it… Our prenup was featured last week over at BridalBook.ph! Yay :)

Thanks so much again, BB!

It’s our engagement-sary!

This time last year, I said yes to become B’s partner-for-life.

It was the last day of our vacation. After spending a few hours at the National Museum of Singapore, checking out the shops along Ang Siang Hill, and stopping by the URA Centre / Singapore City Gallery (it’s worth a visit, we promise), I was ready to call it a day.

Even if I knew that seeing the city aboard the Singapore Flyer was on our day’s checklist, I asked B if we could go home as I was so tired from all the walking (plus I was stricken with my ‘monthly aches,’ blech). At that point B was rather worried he’d have to think of an alternative plan to pop the Q!

I did fantasize that B would propose to me on the Flyer (something he didn’t know at that time). So I figured an hour more of sightseeing wouldn’t ‘hurt.’

Apparently I was the only one who didn’t know of B’s plans. All of our SG-based friends were in on the surprise–and they all did a fantastic job in keeping the secret too!

Even the skies were in on the surprise, but they tried to give me a clue.

Can you see the heart-shaped outline? :)

B waited until we got to the very top, knelt on his knees and asked me to be his.

After a quick nap back at my friend’s apartment, that evening we celebrated with B’s friends over buffalo wings, coffee and ice cream. When we got back to our friend’s apartment, he was waiting for us to surprise us with wine!

What a perfect way to cap a perfect day :)

To our SG-based friends: Thanks a million once again for having us over. See you all real soon!

To B: Happy e-sary! See you in a short bit, wuv.

Cheers, friends! Have a great day :)
– P.