Awesome bridal gift: The New Intercourses

Hello dear!

How’ve you been? What have you been up to?

Three more weeks until our big day! Gaah! I’m not sure about B, but I’m slowly getting stressed! I’m losing sleep, I’m often distracted  and quite forgetful lately, I’m more irritable, and pimples now upset me! :( All because of the pressures of one day! Yikes!

But something did come in earlier today to get me excited again! A gift from an old friend of mine (how old? we’ve known each other since pre-school!), Cla. She’s based in the States and won’t be able to come to our wedding, but ever the gracious friend, she sent over this:

The New Intercourses - an aphrodisiac cookbook

A set of delicious seduction spells in hardbound! Haha! I love it!

Who cares if aphrodisiacs really work or not? I’m looking forward to making these for B reeeaaal soon :) Thanks again, Cla! (And to her sister Cha for the deluxe delivery!)

And to keep my mood up – I’m off to treat myself to some chocolate! Hehe!

Stay cool, friends! ‘Til real soon!

– P.

The New Intercourses from the official Intercourses site

Ordering from Amazon? Check out book and reviews here.

Blessings and Le Bistro Vert

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Sweet Mid-Week

Hi there.

I’m not in a chatty mood. Too many things in my head at the moment.

My head’s constantly listing stuff I’ve to do and places I’d rather be in.

I’m thinking about friends I dearly miss and people I’d rather do without.

Comes with the territory, I guess. The last two weeks of November always forces me to go into a period of reckoning, as by next month, I’ll be celebrating my birthday ;)

All in all, the year’s been sweet. God’s been good. Looking at my checklist – I don’t have everything I’ve hoped or planned for, but I sure am blessed to have more than I need.

May your week / month / year be capped with all things sweet too,

– P.

P.S. Sharing with you photos from an after-dinner date night with B at Sonja’s Cupcakes, Serendra. Cream cheese frosting rocks :)

We’re craving for: Ji Guang Delicious Fried Chicken

Hey old friend!

How’s your mid-week going? :)

Us? Today B and I are on a fast. We’re abstaining today from our favorite fried food. B’s taking this day pretty well. But I’m not.

I’m hungry and cranky. Hopefully this post would help me channel my food frustration and stop me from caving in :) OK. Here goes:

We’re huuuge fans of the 4 Fingers Bonchon Crispy Chicken (we tried the one at Ion Orchard SG), and maybe someday B and I could try Chicken Charlie here in Manila.

But right now, I’m craving for Ji Guang Delicious Fried Chicken. Ching and Christy, my former classmates and our tour guides that night, were absolutely right to insist that we try this chicken out.*

Ching-Tzu: "We know our fried chicken." Minutes later I find out that Ching's so right.

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