Blessings and Le Bistro Vert

Hi everyone! How’ve you been? I’ve been long wanting to sit down and write, but the last few weeks have kept me away from my delightful yet aging laptop :) So here’s what we’ve been up to: apart from searching … Continue reading

From B: Life’s Directions

[I am so happy to have B here again. This time, B talks about a community that’s close to our hearts, as well as the place where we served most often. We just finished serving for the community retreat last weekend, and what a joy it was to serve one last time before the wedding. – Poppy]


B here trying to earn my keep!

This month marks about 5 years of serving with the Life’s Directions community… where I’ve met some very dear friends, where I’ve shared my life’s story, where I’ve put in hard work, where I met Poppy, and where we both grew in love and service for God.

Here are a few pictures when we [first] started serving, in the Karis Retreat House in Tagaytay.

Life’s Directions is something that has been a major part of our lives and our┬ámemories here in this community (as well as Karis) will be most cherished #:)

Have a blessed week ahead!


Some photos here taken by our LD batchmate (and all-around talented guy) Migs.