Great Sunday gift

What a great way to start Sunday! I heard Azuki laugh for the first time :) 


Here’s to a happy Sunday dear friends! In my next posts, I promise to lie low on the baby front :P


– P. 


Getting back on track

Hello there, dear friends!

Hope your holidays went well :) I was on an extended vacation from this site, but for good reason!

You see, sometime early December, I was finding myself unexplainably tired and irritable (especially to B! Poor fella). Apart from falling asleep during the day, I was feeling unproductive and that was depressing me even more.

After a couple of weeks asking and discussing “What ifs” and “Are we ready for this?” with each other, B and I finally decide it was high time to take the test. And so, one quiet December morning, B and I find out that we’re about to have a baby. :)

(Oh how we cried, for what a blessing our little bean is!)

Apparently, it’s true what they say — that (most) expecting mothers do experience an energy boost once the second trimester rolls in. These last few months haven’t been as horrible for me as other mom-friends have shared, but they haven’t been a picnic for me either. While I still succumb to naps and hormone-related breakdowns, this month feels decidedly different… Then again, this year will definitely be different.

So while I may be a month late, I’d like to say thank you, for accompanying me and B in our wonderful journey last year.

Here’s to you, and to your hopes and dreams this 2012.

I’m back, and I’ve missed you all :)

– P.

From B: Life’s Directions

[I am so happy to have B here again. This time, B talks about a community that’s close to our hearts, as well as the place where we served most often. We just finished serving for the community retreat last weekend, and what a joy it was to serve one last time before the wedding. – Poppy]


B here trying to earn my keep!

This month marks about 5 years of serving with the Life’s Directions community… where I’ve met some very dear friends, where I’ve shared my life’s story, where I’ve put in hard work, where I met Poppy, and where we both grew in love and service for God.

Here are a few pictures when we [first] started serving, in the Karis Retreat House in Tagaytay.

Life’s Directions is something that has been a major part of our lives and our memories here in this community (as well as Karis) will be most cherished #:)

Have a blessed week ahead!


Some photos here taken by our LD batchmate (and all-around talented guy) Migs.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abundance

The past couple of weeks I’ve felt pretty listless trying to get rid of my nasty cough.

That all changed though when I woke up last Monday with a strange feeling that things would be better this week… And that I’d be lucky this week.

Call it whatever you like. But I’m happy to announce that it’s been a wonderfully blessed week so far, and made even better by finding out today that I won a gorgeous printable, many thanks to the folks from e.m. papers! Hooray!

For this week’s challenge, I decided to go for a common Chinese symbol to ward off bad luck and bring in good fortune :) Taken in Chinatown.

May this week be filled with everything joyful, purposeful and good :) Hope to post before the weekend about my recent food finds! Come back again soon :)

– P.

B’s first post! The Climb: 2011

B’s been wanting to post this for quite some time now, and I’m so happy to finally share this with you. Looking forward to having you more often here, B :) – P.

Poppy has been doing an amazing job chronicling all the stuff we’ve been going through since our engagement, so I’ve been content enjoying her entries and letting the world know all about ’em :) In the spirit of partnership, I thought of contributing a few things myself, with your indulgence dear reader. If I can be half as witty and funny as Poppy, maybe I can do this regularly (uhm, once a month?) enough, eh?

On the end of the day of January 1, 2011, I just took a deep breath, rested a bit…and checked my Facebook :) I had just gone through ticking off last year’s resolutions with Poppy and seeing people’s statuses prompted me to write a little bit of my own:

“[B is] bracing for the next 364 days of 2011. Lord, make me be worthy of the challenges, blessings and graces laid out for me :) Cheers, all!”

It’s true that we have so many things to be thankful for during 2010 but not quite a few times did I feel that some things were lacking. Having looked back at the past year and with an eye towards the future, I know that I’ve made a bit of the climb already but I have goals to pursue and things I want to achieve.

Just like my trusty Key Pete, hoping to hang in there and achieve them all. Hoping to tell you a bit more about these as the year progresses :) Lucky to have Poppy beside me all throughout and the Lord to be with us every step of the way.

Al centro!
Pa dentro!

2011 baby!

My wedding planning resolution

Hooray for the new year! Cheers to us!

Pardon the crazy hair and holding up a non-bubbly, but hey, I loved my first meeting with pastis.


Over the holidays, apart from all the partying and coffee meet-ups, friends’ weddings and trying to get some sleep, I’ve been quite fortunate to be a contributor for one bridal site I’ve long been a fan of, The last three weeks have been incredibly crazy deadline-wise, but I must say it’s been so much fun to work with such a cheerful (I swear, hardly a time I don’t see them smiling), hardworking and passionate team. Hopefully I’d still be of use to them these coming months ;) Anyway, my articles may be found here.

While working for BridalBook, I also decided to put a hold on the wedding preparations so I may not fall into the trap of wedding envy, and think of more (read: expensive) things to put into ours.

So now that B and I around 9 or so months to go, it’s time to get cracking again at those plans we’ve been working on. Over the next few months I may finally succumb to temptation, but I truly resolve to abide by this wonderful bride’s advice over at Snippet and Ink.

Let’s just wait and see ;)

Have a wonderful year, dear friends.