Great Sunday gift

What a great way to start Sunday! I heard Azuki laugh for the first time :) 


Here’s to a happy Sunday dear friends! In my next posts, I promise to lie low on the baby front :P


– P. 


What I’d like to bottle up

What I’d like to bottle up: Azuki’s smile.

Feel free to blame her for not having this mommy online as much ;-)

Seriously, while I do miss you guys (I really do!), it’s not rocket science to choose be with her over having my online life. You’ll hear from me more often soon though, especially since I’ve signed up for next month’s BYW Boot Camp (woo! finally!).

Hope you’re all well. And if I could bottle up Azuki’s smile, you’d be the first to get one :) I promise you’d cherish it as much as I do.

Stay super!
– P.

Two weeks ago

On August 2, 2012 at 3:26 a.m., a little angel came into our lives.

To you, our dear friends, we proudly present to you our Beanie: Azuki :)

The first photo I took once she roomed in with me at the hospital.

B and I can’t believe you’re finally here, Azuki… I just knew our pet name would suit you, especially when you’d start crying and go beet-red when hungry. ;-)

More to come, folks. ‘Til soon.

– P.