Happy thought.

The most beautiful thing happened this morning, Beanie. Your father and I found out we’d be having a girl.

(My entry in Beanie’s Diary, March 2012)


Getting back on track

Hello there, dear friends!

Hope your holidays went well :) I was on an extended vacation from this site, but for good reason!

You see, sometime early December, I was finding myself unexplainably tired and irritable (especially to B! Poor fella). Apart from falling asleep during the day, I was feeling unproductive and that was depressing me even more.

After a couple of weeks asking and discussing “What ifs” and “Are we ready for this?” with each other, B and I finally decide it was high time to take the test. And so, one quiet December morning, B and I find out that we’re about to have a baby. :)

(Oh how we cried, for what a blessing our little bean is!)

Apparently, it’s true what they say — that (most) expecting mothers do experience an energy boost once the second trimester rolls in. These last few months haven’t been as horrible for me as other mom-friends have shared, but they haven’t been a picnic for me either. While I still succumb to naps and hormone-related breakdowns, this month feels decidedly different… Then again, this year will definitely be different.

So while I may be a month late, I’d like to say thank you, for accompanying me and B in our wonderful journey last year.

Here’s to you, and to your hopes and dreams this 2012.

I’m back, and I’ve missed you all :)

– P.

Blessings and Le Bistro Vert

Hi everyone! How’ve you been? I’ve been long wanting to sit down and write, but the last few weeks have kept me away from my delightful yet aging laptop :) So here’s what we’ve been up to: apart from searching … Continue reading


Every blog begins with its first post. This is mine.

Hi, I’m Poppy. I’m finally creating one after B, my mom and a few friends have been egging me to begin my journal.

It’s been 4 weeks and a half since I badly injured my knee, forcing me to be on crutches and quit a project I’ve been working on in order to nurse myself back to fighting form.

It’s been more than 8 months since I’ve made my radical sabbatical from executive to an independent management consultant slash arts and crafts teacher.

And I’ve got a little over than 12 months to plan my wedding to the love of my life – my B, who’s helped me get up that awful night of badminton and will continue to be there to break any future fall, he who endured my madness when I was deciding on my career shift, and he who has so lovingly asked to be my partner for life.

So – welcome to my journey with my B. Thanks for dropping by.