B’s Birthday Celebration at Cerchio

It was B’s birthday a few days ago, and he decided to try out this new resto in the vicinity.

Cerchio (tzehr-kyoh) has the same impressive interiors as its older sibling Romulo Cafe, and serves Asian-Med cuisine at budget-friendly prices.

I like Romulo’s interiors more (I find it a lot “friendlier,” and probably because it’s more feminine, haha), but I’ll probably choose Cerchio’s food over Romulo’s.

While not everything’s up to par with my expectations (I wasn’t impressed with their tuna salpicao [sauce was overpowering], and their oriental salad’s dressing didn’t have enough bite), there are some winners.

Must-try: Singaporean Crispy Squid Heads (think Cow Label in squid form) with their signature Cucumber drink, as well as their Panna Cotta :)

You may find out more about Cerchio here. Sorry I can’t post any pictures of the place and the food at the moment, B still has my camera (hint, hint, B).

Anyway, B – Happy birthday :) Thanks for taking me on this food trip!