It’s Ruffles and Bells’ Save The Date!

Hello dears!

B and I are just terribly happy to see how our prenup stylist (plus early on in our wedding, our pseudo-wedding planner) is coming along with her very own wedding!

Eliska of Ruffles and Bells shares with all of us her and H2B’s save-the-date!

We’re pretty sure it’s going to be a lovely wedding! Don’t you agree? :)

She even shares how this was made, so go to her site now and see how this was done!

Hope you’re doing great, everyone! From where I am, the weather’s insane!

– P.


Our growing up / love story – in video!

Hi there!

We’re still in the middle of our (rainy) mini-‘moon. But while B’s asleep, I’m sneaking this in — our growing up + love story so amazingly done by the folks at ONCE Wedding Specialists. Hope you like it!

See you in a few days!

– P.

Prenup photos by Ralph Alejandrino

One fine and fabulous Saturday: September 10.

Hi dear. I know this post is long overdue. But since I was expected to get back to work immediately and be away from B these next couple of weeks — after our wedding last September 10, B and I grabbed every opportunity to be with each other, and with our families.

… And what a beautiful and gloriously happy day September 10 was. B and I remain grateful to all those who were there to witness our big day, as well as to friends and family who’ve sent their well-wishes. We are so overwhelmed with the love we’ve received, and we wish the same for you.

More stories about that one fabulous, fine day in the weeks to come (especially when the official photos are out)!

All the best,

– Mrs. P

Many thanks to my dear HS friend Joli for capturing this moment :)

Awesome bridal gift: The New Intercourses

Hello dear!

How’ve you been? What have you been up to?

Three more weeks until our big day! Gaah! I’m not sure about B, but I’m slowly getting stressed! I’m losing sleep, I’m often distracted  and quite forgetful lately, I’m more irritable, and pimples now upset me! :( All because of the pressures of one day! Yikes!

But something did come in earlier today to get me excited again! A gift from an old friend of mine (how old? we’ve known each other since pre-school!), Cla. She’s based in the States and won’t be able to come to our wedding, but ever the gracious friend, she sent over this:

The New Intercourses - an aphrodisiac cookbook

A set of delicious seduction spells in hardbound! Haha! I love it!

Who cares if aphrodisiacs really work or not? I’m looking forward to making these for B reeeaaal soon :) Thanks again, Cla! (And to her sister Cha for the deluxe delivery!)

And to keep my mood up – I’m off to treat myself to some chocolate! Hehe!

Stay cool, friends! ‘Til real soon!

– P.

The New Intercourses from the official Intercourses site

Ordering from Amazon? Check out book and reviews here.

Happy Assumption Day!

I’m missing out on a mini-reunion tonight, as B and I have another pre-counseling session with our celebrant. But I just wanted to greet my ol’ schoolmates a happy feast day!

What I used to look forward to every Assumption day in school:

Assumption Tart! Yum :)

The Holy Mother’s been good to me and B, and we have truly been blessed with so many things – not just as a couple about to receive the grace of marriage, but also as individuals who continue (or struggle) to be closer to her Son’s sacred heart.

Have a grace-filled week, everyone :)

Big hugs,
– P & B

Delicious photo of something I’ve been craving this whole day from Lafang, A Pinoy Food Blog.

To view his post about Assumption Tarts, click here.

Stopping by.

Just under a month to go! I figured it was high time for a newer, cleaner look :) Hope you like it! Tell me what you think!

I’m off to run some long overdue errands, but please do drop by this weekend for our update about our big day :)

Meanwhile… While preparing for my wedding, I’ve been fortunate enough to write for bridal site :) Have you seen that site? You should!

You may also want to check out my last post about Suriya Spa here! I promise you, I’m nowhere near the category of “spa junkie,” but my visit to Suriya did make me rethink twice (or thrice) about upgrading my status to spaholic :P

If you’d like to read some of my other posts on BridalBook, see list here.

Happy reading! Til soon, dear!

– P.

Awww, thanks Eliska!

I should be heading off to bed, but I just had to post!

Look what I found today!

Our prenup stylist team from Ruffles and Bells, featured us in today’s post. Yay! You may read the post here.

I just had to post this because — Eliska just gave me and B a wonderful monthsary gift (we’re 33 months old today!). All the best to you three and to Ruffles and Bells!

Big hugs from me and B :)

Photo courtesy of Ralph Alejandrino