Will-You-Be Card (Vintage)

Hooray for the weekend!

Following my recent post about a vintage-inspired wedding that B and I attended, I’ve found myself tinkering again with my computer. So let me share with you another Will-You-Be? Card, this time inspired by that wedding :)

I wanted this to look like it was cropped out of a bride’s inspiration board–replete with photos, clippings, notes and even one’s favorite mixed tape.

Want to make one? Here’s what you can do: Save a copy of this image on your computer. Click on the image for a full-sized version, and make sure it’s saved as a .png file to maintain file transparency.

Note: This card is for personal-use only. If you’ll be using this image on your site, kindly link back to this page (as I’d love to see what you did). Also, if you want others to download this file, do link to this page and not from your site. Thanks :)

Once saved, open the file using your graphics editor (Adobe Photoshop, MS Paint [even MS PowerPoint], or an open-sourced app like GimpShop).

To personalize this card, write your message on the sticky note. In this example, I used the BethHand font.

Next: Place your favorite couple photo behind the “polaroid,” and resize to fit that area. Here’s mine:

From our "Hugging Booth" photo, sampled at a bridal fair.

Lastly, add pertinent details of your event and finishing touches. Before adding text, I added a duct tape-like strip on the cassette to age it a bit, and I also added a couple of doodles on the pink sticky note for “realism.”

And you’re done! :) Hope you liked this one!

Wishing you a happy weekend,

– P.

Postcard and wallpaper print via The Graphics Fairy / Junior bride and groom image from Scrapologie.

Hugging Booth? More info on this site, or Photobot Manila.


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